The Paddak Resort in Malita Bangued Abra

Historical records say that the word “Bangued” was an evolution of the word “Bangan” or roadblocks or blockades. Old people especially in the municipalities outside Bangued pronounce the word Bangued as Banged. Bangued is a capital town of Abra. It is located in Cordillera Region.
Bangued is at the western portion of the province of Abra, about 408 kms. north of Manila. It is bounded on the north by the municipalities of Danglas and La-Paz, on the east by the municipalities of Tayum and Peñarrubia, on the west by the municipality of Langiden and the province of Ilocos Norte and on the south by the municipalities of San Isidro and Pidigan.

A part of it, Malita is a Barangay in Bangued where it is closer to Penarubia, Abra. The place is rich in sugar cane as their One Barangay Product.
Let’s be honest, nothing seals the deal more than an amazing pool in the Province of Abra.
This is why if you’re visiting Malita Bangued most likely Paddak Resort will give a reason to comeback and experience again to swim in a friendly pool and locals of course. This way, you can beat the heat and really enjoy your Abra experience.

The Paddak Resort is located in the top of the mountain where you can see the real beauty of the place. Going to the resort from the capital of the province takes you 30 minutes away. So if you have plan to visit the place, take time to go and see the friendly beauty of Paddak Resort.


The place is good for a family bonding or getaway. The pool has its own cottages to offer to the people would like to visit the place.

They call it as Paddak because of its Style. A footprints of a person as you can see in the photos.

The resort has a separate pool for kids and adult. They have also videoke in the resort for those who are good in singing and interest in singin indeed.

Nothing I could say but the place is instagrammable. If you have interest in picking such good views, the resort is highly recommended to the public.

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The Repulgent Beauty of Cabugao Ilocos Sur

Cabugao is a well known first class municipality of Ilocos Sur. A second northernmost town of the province closer to Ilocos Norte.

The town is accessible to almost all modes of inland transportations, like going to Vigan City, Laoag City, La Union, Baguio and of course going to Manila.

Sabang as part of the Municipality has it’s own majestic beauty where people of the town and province and some local tourists come to witness the stunning beauty of the place. One of the recommended sites to visit in the Province.

If you are looking for a perfect getaway, Sabang Ilocos Sur is highly recommend for your travel and bucket lists. It’s where you can witness a beautiful sunset, friendly locals, beautiful Island of Poro and their seafoods (Tinuno nga Pusit, and others).

A friendly and budgeted tourist destination. Let’s go and discover the place in Sabang and Poro Island.

Stunning Sunset in Sabang Ilocos Sur

I visited the place without any preparation. I come here not to see my relatives but the place itself. My direction coming in the place felt an excitement. I saw a beautiful sunset and it relieves my stress.

We visited the Poro Island, the so called pride of the place because of its white and powdery sand.

Some part of the island are rockies and it is instagrammable indeed. We captured moments in some part of the island for we were shocked when we saw how beautiful the place is.

As what they say, a picture speaks a thousand words so please enjoy the photos taken from the time we headed for the island until the time we went home.

The place is good for divers also. You can see some corals and fishes. Because of its majestic underwater beauty, we decided to capture it for some documentation.

No doubt. The place will not disappoint you because of its beautiful and scenic views. The place is good for beach camping also beacause of a wide range area and its powdery white sand.

What else can you find, introducing to you a beautiful and friendly place. The SABANG CABUGAO ILOCOS SUR

We can enjoy the island for free (no entrance fee) so we should all do our share in protecting the island. Unfortunately, other guests just leave their trash in the island and carve their names on the rocks.

Nowadays, it’s so hard to find a good place where you don’t need to spend lots of money. If it gets destroyed, it’s still US who will suffer. So let’s become responsible Filipinos by picking up our trash and dispose them properly.

I hope that Puro Island will always stay free, beautiful and most of all, unaltered by humans.

How to get here From Manila:

Cubao/Pasay: Ride PARTAS Transport bound to Ilocos Norte and drop off in CABUGAO PUBLIC MARKET.

From cabugao public market: Ride a Tricycle going to sabang. Ask some locals where is the registration area.

From there, they will assist you what to do. Don’t worry for locals are friendly and hospitable.

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    The Breathtaking Beauty of Oriental Mindoro

    The thriving municipality of Puerto Galera, hemmed in by jungle clad promontories plummeting into delightful pockets of beaches and coves, lures weekenders from the exhaust centers of Manila. Resting on the southwestern edge of Isla Verde Passage in Oriental Mindoro, Puerto Galera harbors diverse coral reefs ideal for snorkeling and diving, reason why it was recognized as a Man and Biosphere Reserve of UNESCO in 1973.

    Stunning Beauty of Puerto Galera

    Why we can recommend to visit Puerto Galera? If you want to relax this is your place in the Philippines. It’s not very far if you are staying Metro Manila. Puerto Galera is famous for diving and snorkeling and it was good. But we will discover for you that there are many things to do in Puerto Galera apart from diving and snorkeling.

    White Beach with the Beautiful Ladies

    Although Puerto Galera is famous to tourists for its nightlife, this bountiful town has more up its sleeve. This blog will provide you the real beauty of Puerto Galera. This will give you more stunning beauties of Oriental Mindoro most especially visiting the coral reefs areas of the Municipality.

    Talipanan, Puerto Galera

    A highly recommended accommodation to stay in Talipanan is BAMBOO HOUSE RESORT. If you are looking for a peaceful place and accommodating staffs this is to recommend you for I had witnessed their services to their guest. Resort is 2 minutes away from the seashore.

    Puerto Galera is also a famous place to go to if you want to try diving. There are available diving lessons and diving activities you can opt to avail. Other water activities such as snorkeling, jet skiing and kayaking. Of course, island hopping is another popular activity since there are other smaller islands surrounding Puerto Galera that you can go to and explore. There are also inland places and attractions you can go to like the Tamaraw Falls and visit the local Mangyan Village at the foot of Mt. Malasimbo. Since we were already in the Island, we choose ISLAND HOPPING as our major activity.

    Snorkeling and Island Hopping

    Island hopping in Puerto Galera might be fun with friends, but you can also do it solo! Most bangka that you can rent to go to other islands around Puerto Galera.

    Another highlight of the island hopping tour in Puerto Galera is snorkeling around the giant clams. As you might have surmised, visitors will encounter colossal clams and throngs of fishes when snorkeling.

    Puerto Galera island hopping also includes a visit to San Antonio Island where Long Beach is located as well as the majestic underwater cave. Tourists need to climb craggy rocks to get inside the cave with a waist-deep emerald green water.

    Diving in Puerto Galera is undoubtedly one of the top things to do when you visit. You will never run out of diving options as several dive centers and resorts around White Beach offer dive course as well as Puerto Galera diving packages in the best dive sites.

    By day, aside from swimming and getting a tan, you can try the water sports such as jet ski, kayak and banana boat ride offered by some resorts. At night, you can go bar hopping, listen to live bands while drinking with friends and you can also watch the talented local fire dancers perform.

    But for those who just want a quiet and less crowded beach in Puerto Galera, do check out the neighboring ANINUAN BEACH or the picturesque TALIPANAN BEACH which other travel blogs raved about.


    Take a bus bound for Batangas Pier like Ceres, DLTB and JAM Transit in LRT Buendia (Manila), Cubao (Quezon City) or Alabang South Station (Muntilupa). Travel time is roughly 2 hours depending on traffic. See the bus fare and bus schedule to Batangas Pier. From there go to the cashier of any shipping company for your fare. Then proceed to check in your baggage in any of the terminals designated. The ferry ride will take approximately 1 – 1.5 hours from time of departure to Mindoro Island, Muelle Pier in Puerto Galera.


    ❤ As in most beaches, sea urchins are present in snorkeling sites, so wear aqua shoes or full-foot fins when snorkeling and please do not step on corals.
    ❤Bring a dry bag to protect your cameras and waterproof pouch for your phone. Or much better if you just bring an underwater camera or action camera for snorkeling and other water sports.
    ❤ If you are traveling solo to Puerto Galera and you want to do the island hopping tour but you don’t want to spend Php 1,500 for the boat, try to schedule your trip on a weekend and approach other travelers (preferably those in groups) to join their island hopping and just share the expenses.
    ❤ Stack up cash (Philippine currency) before heading to Puerto Galera, there are only 3 ATMs in town. Almost everything is on cash basis here.

    The Heritage Town of the South

    Planning your visit and making your way around Taal is quite simple.

    Here we go ✈✈✈ The Heritage Town of the South ⛪. If you had been to North ( Vigan City) why not try South (Batangas).

    Taal Basilica – The Largest Chuch in Southeast Asia

    The province of Taal, locals said this is a counterpart of Vigan’s historical street, “Calle Crisologo”. However our main goal, why we visit this town is to see the “Asia’s Biggest Catholic Church”, known as “Taal Basilica”.

    Taal Basilica is certainly the biggest church in Asia because of its colossal baroque structures made of adobe and coral stones. This church has 96mtrs long, 45 mtrs wide and 96 mtrs tall. Its facade has 24 classical columns in pairs and lined up two rows of six on top on the others, with 10 windows and 5 doors. Its edifice topped with a triangular roof and gable on each side and one in the center. Its bell tower rises on the left side.

    The Basilica de San Martin de Tours, simply known as Taal Basilica, is Asia’s largest church and it was not very difficult to see. Sitting on top of a hill, the basilica towers over the old heritage town of Taal. It is a very dominant structure and is visible in most parts of the town proper and even in some parts of the neighboring town Lemery.

    The interiors of the basilica was dusty and cluttered when we visited because of the ongoing renovation but its beauty radiated through. Of course, the first thing we noticed was the size and how spacious it was. While most churches have only two lanes of pews arranged in the nave, the Taal Basilica had more. Its aisles could even accommodate more benches.

    The Heritage Town of Taal is small and can be explored by foot. Once you’re at the Taal Park, most tourist attractions such as the many ancestral houses, the Well of Sta. Lucia, the public market, and the Shrine of Our Lady of Caysasay are just a few minutes walk away.

    Taal Park and Nearby Structure
    The Taal Basilica is the most prominent structure in Taal Park, which also harbors several buildings including Escuela Pia: Taal Heritage Center, the Rizal College, and Our Lady of Caysasay Academy, The Municipal Hall of Taal also stands nearby. Vendors of Batangas delicacies and other street food abound in the park. Although some tourists (like the friend who was with me at the time) get irked by how insistent they are sometimes, it just needs some getting used to.

    How to get to Taal Basilica

    From Manila, take the bus bound for Lemery and tell the driver to drop you off at the Taal Basilica. If the driver tells you it the bus will not pass by the Basilica (because some buses really don’t), get off at the Taal Lemery Bypass Junction and take a jeepney to the Basilica. If you miss the junction, don’t worry. Alight at the Lemery Terminal (the last stop) instead and take a trike to the Taal Basilica.

    Explore and Enjoy ✈☺☀☀☀

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    Lambingan Hill Tanay Rizal

    If you’re a person who loves the outdoor or just wanted to get out of the city once in a while, we found a perfect hideout for you! Just 2 hours away from the Metro lies a beautiful and relaxing spot that wouldn’t break the bank. Yes it exists.

    Let’s Go in Tanay, Rizal 🌲🌲🌲

    Lambingan Hill is a campsite located at Brgy. Cuyambay Tanay, Rizal Philippines, and privately owned by the named Tatay Kardo.

    Recently, a post circulated on Facebook about the camping ground that gives its viral popularity to new travelers and mountaineers who loves camping.

    The place gave way to new opportunities for the local people especially in terms of tourism as trail guides, habal-habal drivers and vendors are just a few of the income generating jobs for them. This is proof that we don’t need to compromise mother nature for profit.

    For Instagrammers, I know you will love Lambingan Hills because every spot is IG-worthy, like the Celosia flowers near the Kubo, the swing and the view of Laguna Lake. Cool, right?

    But above all, the most important TO-DO is to help your friends set up/break the camp, cook your meals, wash the dishes and clean the area.

    Our accommodation for the night

    Bring a jacket, the weather in Tanay could be as cold as your ex, oops, I mean as cold as Tagaytay.

    Bring reusable utensils and cook set if possible. If you forget to bring a camping stove and butane, they have kalan de uling which you can use.

    Bring trash bags. As we always remind people, let’s practice Leave No Trace principle and always clean as you go, wherever you are.

    Other than doing your “Lambingan”, the best thing to do here is to gaze at the sky and just stare at the million stars. For photography enthusiasts, you can capture the milky way here as the light pollution is very minimal and the area is dark.

    How to get there?

    From Cubao, ride a jeep to Cogeo. At Cogeo, Walk towards Antipolo City Mall where the Cogeo-Sampaloc terminal is located and ride a jeep bound to Sampaloc. Alight at Cuyambay, landmark is Pico de Pino restaurant, then ride a tricycle going to the jump off of Lambingan Hills.

    From the jump off, Lambingan Hills is an easy 15-minute walk (ask the driver for directions).

    🚩How much?

    Entrance day tour(100) overnight(150)

    Cubao to Lambingan Hills:

    Jeep Cubao to Cogeo (25)
    Jeep Cogeo to Cuyambay (48)
    Tricycle to Jump off (30)

    Lambingan Hills to Cubao Option 1:

    Tricycle Jump off to Highway (30)
    Jeep Cuyambay to Cogeo (48)
    Jeep Cogeo to Cubao (25)

    Lambingan Hills to Cubao Option 2:

    Tricycle jumpoff to Palo alto terminal (100)
    Jeep Palo Alto to Cogeo (35)
    Jeep Cogeo to Cubao (25)

    Food budget is up to you. 🙂

    Tent Transaction: 0907-828-2225 (no confirmation no tent reservation first come first serve)
    Camp details: 0921-571-2014
    FB Page: Lambingan Hill

    For more Information. Please contact the numbers above.

    The place is relaxing and beautiful for couples, friends, and family who wants to have a good time to unwind and relax.

    Awra na mga beshies ☀😍

    The Stunning Beauty of Mt. Balagbag

    One of the most popular local hiking destinations that’s just one and a half hour away from the city, Mt. Balagbag is well recommended for beginners because of its easy and wide trail. It is part of the Sierra Madre mountain range that offers a surreal view of some parts of Makati and the rest of Metro Manila.

    Mt. Balagbag has an elevation of approximately 777 metres above sea level and encompasses the provinces of Bulacan and Rizal. Its major jump-off point is located in Sitio Balagbag in Rodriguez, Rizal. It is now a well-protected mountain with locals working towards its reforestation because of its history being a site of illegal logging.

    You can ask the locals here about directions when going to the summit of Mt. Balagbag. You have the option to hire a guide or not but I recommend you not to because the trail is easily navigatable.

    Among my peers, I was the only fool who dreams about what it’s like to be atop a mountain peak. And it was at the time a norm. Mountain climbing didn’t seem to fit in the lives of our generation. Finding someone with the same silly thought as I was nearly impossible. Some ten years ago, these were few of the challenges one would have to overcome before their very first mountain.

    If it wasn’t for an adorable ginger cat everyone was raving about, I wouldn’t have known Mt. Balagbag. Some say it is a mountain but barely. That it was too easy they didn’t even break a sweat climbing up its summit. I on the other hand already learned the consequnces of underestimating a mountain the hard way so I did my research. What I found blew my mind away.

    We finally reached the campsite and there indulged on some instant noodles, bread, boiled eggs and a cup of coffee over convo with the other hikers we just met. We also took our time to snap us some photos. We were after the sea of clouds but Mt. Balagbag was barely a let down even without it. Those rolling hills covered in tall amorseco grasses were this mountain’s very distinction. It could easily be mistaken as Korea’s Hanuel Park if you would put in some creativity in your shots.

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    From Manila – wait anywhere along Edsa North bound lane for buses bound for Tungko. Ride the bus and alight in Jollibee or BDO Tungko. Ride a jeep bound to Licao-Licao. Once you reached Licao-Licao, ride a tric to the registration office or simply hike your way there.

    • Mt. Balagbag is truly one of the easiest mountains available for newbies who want to get started with their hiking adventure. The trail is simply an uphill walk all the way to the summit. It doesn’t require navigational skills but you would still do best to train before even attempting to summit it.
    • Mt. Balagbag is known to be a place where a morning sky filled with the dreamy sea of clouds can be best viewed. To save cost, it is best to go there in the afternoon and camp for the night at the campsite since jeepneys plying the Tungko-Licao-Licao route are only available from 5AM-5PM and the other and only option which are the tricycles could be very expensive.
    • For safety, it is best to hike in big groups of 5-10 members. Avoid hiking alone or in small groups of less than five or in an all-girl group especially in the late hours of the night or the early hours of the dawn since hold-ups are very common in this mountain.
    • From the drop off point in Licao-Licao, the registration site can be reached after a 30-45 minute hike. Taking a trike costing P250/way is another option.
    • Be a responsible traveler. Always follow the LEAVE NO TRACE POLICY. Carry your trash away from the mountains with you and dispose it properly when you get home.


    Sure Ilocos Sur

    The Philippines doesn’t lack for any adventurous activities. As an archipelago, it’s best known for its white sand beaches and marine life. You can go snorkeling in Puerto Galera, for example, or diving in Apo Island.

    You can also go rappelling in Bataan or jump off a canyon in Danao, Bohol (similar to bungee jumping), go climbing in Batangas or caving in Montalban, and many more.

    What if I tell you that there’s a place in Ilocos Sur where you can do a lot of adventurous activities in one place? Most especially climbing a mountain to all mountaineers where you can view a scenic beauty of southeast china sea. The MOUNT NOAH in NARVACAN ILOCOS SUR

    A unique adventure camp, NOAH is located between a mountain and the sea, making it the perfect base for all activities.

    I and my cousin had an interest to any adventurous activities most likely hiking 😍.

    This was my first thought when my cousin asked me if we could hike Mount Noah for Photo Opps. I answered YES 💪.

    The place was so good for it is open to public. When we got there in Narvacan, we asked the local regarding the mountain since we are only a DIY Traveller. Guide is not required in climbing the Mt. NOAH.

    Mount Noah is one of the several scenic mountains sorrounding the bayan of Ilocos Sur in Narvacan.

    The whether when we climb are very friendly. Not that hot indeed 💪

    Amazing beauty of Mt. Noah in Narvacan

    This is really a beautiful place. You can view all over the Bayan of Narvacan

    This must visit to experience and see how beautiful the place 😍🚩⛔🚩

    Base from my experience, the place is good for those campers for the summit is flat and you can pitch a tent over there. We just climb in the morning and we go back in afternoon for we have still other place to travel 💪🌎😍

    For those looking for a place to visit. This is commendable to everyone. For more experience indeed

    I am inviting everyone to visit this place and see how beautiful the nature we have 😍.

    How to go to Narvacan, Ilocos Sur

    If going by public transportation, take any bus going to Vigan or Laoag. Ask to be dropped off at the Narvacan outpost, and from there, get a tricycle going to NOAH in Bantay Abot.

    Food Porn and Photography

    TARA Na. Discover and Explore new things 😘.

    One of the greatest things about cities like Quezon City, Philippines is its ability to bring every type of food, from every corner of the country right to your thrilling tastebuds. Just like Nearby cities and other cities althroughout the country.

    Bisitahin ang kakaibang kainan sa Quezon City The “Gerry’s Jeeppney” situated in Maginhawa Diliman. Kainan kung saan ka mamangha sa Theme meron sila. It seems like you are eating in the jeepney na tumatakbo. Iba’t ibang signage, it says there GOING TO QUIAPO and so on…

    What captured about my attention and made me curious are the jeepneys that line up on the entrance of the restaurant. Inside the jeepeneys you can see tables and couches so that visitors can dine inside.

    What YLove Gerry’s Jeepney Restaurant is their concept, Pinoy na Pinoy even their foods and music as well 🎧🎵. Pak na Pak 😂. The hospitality of their crews and the service of course Iba din. Hanep!!

    A totally filipino experience served by Gerry’s Jeepney Restaurant touched my heart and taste buds. Food is affordable indeed.

    Authentic Restaurant.

    You can eat inside the jeepney. Mapapawow ka sa Filipino foods tjey cater 😍

    Mura na. Masarap pa 💯😍🅾

    Filipino food is authentic indeed. You can`t find anywhere but only in Philippines.

    Tara na kabaranggay 🚌🚴 tikman ang sarap ng pagkain sa Gerry`s Jeepney Restaurant.

    Tara na. Discover, Feel and Live with the foods in Philippines.

    MapapaWOW ka talaga dito. Alabyo 😍💯


    Captivating Beauty of La Union

    YLove La Union Philippines 💯💮🚢✈🚣

    Why La Union 😍 Camp Avenue.

    Live with no excuses and Travel with no regrets 💯🚋✈🚢. Get inspired and motivated 🏄🎧🏊. Travelling it always leaves you speechless, then turns you into a storyteller 😍.

    🇵🇭 La Union is known as surfing capital of the north 🏄🏂. Many tourists i.e. surfers and sealovers fascinated by its waves and views. If you are really sealover i will surely you had fun in this place. But if you are not fond of this type of activity, La Union will still provide you a great time to enjoy you vacation in here. For outdoor enthusiasts and campers CAMP AVENUE will surely make your vacation meaningful. ♒💮💯

    ⏺ The resort offers tent rental for P500 per head, which comes with an insulation foam, throw pillows, and use of the shower area. But if you have your own gear, then you can just pitch your tent for only P300 per head.

    ⏺ You can chill out at the swing bar, or at the dining area while pigging out on some luscious grub, have fun at the beach volleyball ground, and sign up for the pottery class at only P500 per head. 😍

    If you can’t get away, bring the beach to your home with a few of our favourite beach party ideas! Get everyone to dress in their most Summery outfits.

    If you can’t get away, bring the beach to your home with a few of our favourite beach party ideas! Get everyone to dress in their most Summery outfits. FOAM PARTY

    ⏺I and mark walked in the beach ang got some shots. Amazing!

    The waves are huge and it creates a humungous sound as it crashes through the stones. so we just relax took some photos.

    ⏺I love the beach

    For your travel list please consider the place. You would really amaze and surely love CAMP AVENUE LA UNION

    Location: Camp Avenue Taboc San Juan La Union Philippines

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    The Virgin Island of Cabugao

    If you feel and love white sand beaches that are not crowded and not commercialized, Poro Magsingal should be the one best choices. No cottages, resorts, restaurant only the virgin island and white beach you can see.

    Poro Island can be reached from Sabang Cabugao in 1st District in Ylocos Sur. You need to rent a boat about Php 600.00 and the travel time is about 10-15 mins.

    The place was so peaceful indeed, when we arrived in the island we were only the people there so it felt like we owned the place. Amazing! This was i address to the place when i saw it.

    You can’t see somebody else aside from us. Sounds of birds in the forest of the island which you can hear only.

    I am a sealover since then, i visited different types of beaches but only here i enjoyed so much. The crystal clear water and a very peaceful place that is commendable to everyone to visit.

    As they say, to travel is to explore and to learn new things and to promote tje place to everyone. I hope everyone would enjoy watching pictures from the time we headed to the island.

    It is so hard to find now a place like puro Island in Magsingal Ylocos Sur. A place that would release stress, a place to unwind and a place that is not crowded unlike other beaches that are crowded. You do not need to spend thousands of money to visit the place but cheaper than what you are expecting.

    Cheers and have Fun. Wow Ylocos